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Pool Activities

Member Registration begins January 17th, 2023

Non-Member Registration begins August 20th, 2023


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BRC Indoor Pool Hours


Weekday Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday                  5:15—7:00am

Monday—Friday                                       8:30—10:00am

Monday—Thursday                                 3:30—7:30pm

Friday                                                          3:30—5:30pm


Weekend Hours

Saturday and Sunday                               2:00—5:30pm


Morning Water Aerobics

Water workouts are easy on your joints.  They are also fun, social, and a great way to gain fitness and

flexibility.  This is a class for all fitness levels.  You are encouraged to work at your own pace and enjoy the water and time with friends! 


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays





Do you need a summer job and/or want to work a few hours during the school year?  By successfully completing the lifeguarding course you will be eligible to be a lifeguard at the Recreation Center indoor and/or outdoor pools!  The lifeguarding course includes First Aide and CPR training.  Students need to bring suit and towel each day.  There will be a lunch break each day.  There will be a 10 student maximum and 5 student minimum for this class.


Pre-requisites for Lifeguarding

1.)  Be at least 15 years of age by May 29, 2023

2.)  Swim 300 yards (6 lengths in our pool) continuously, using the strokes in the following order:

· 100 yards of front crawl using rhythmic breathing (performed either by breathing to side or front) and a stabilizing, propellant kick

· 100 yards of breaststroke

· The last 100 yards may be a mix: front crawl/breast stroke


No refunds will be given if you are unable to meet these pre-requisites.


March 13-15 (will meet from 9:00am-5:00pm)

Members $130; Non Members $140




Lifeguard Recertification

Need to renew your lifeguard recertification?  Get signed up on one of the following dates to take your

recertification classes.  Upon successful recertification you are eligible to work as a lifeguard at BRC.  No refunds will be given if you are unable to meet the pre-requisites.


March 12


$50 Member; $55 Non Member

First Aide/CPR/AED Training

First Aide/CPR classes are available upon request.  Class has online and in-person options.  If you choose the online option, you will complete the First Aide/CPR instruction online at your own pace.  Upon completion of the online class, Justin will set a date and time to complete the final exam and for you to demonstrate the skills.  Contact Justin if interested at or 620-364-8484.

Private Pool Parties

Would you like to have the indoor pool all to yourself for a birthday party, family reunion, etc?  The pool can be rented on Saturday mornings before 2pm and Friday evenings after 5:30pm for private parties.  All parties must be paid for in advance with paperwork signed and on file.  There is a $25 required deposit on all private pool parties that will be collected to hold your private pool party date on the BRC calendar.  Contact Justin at 620-364-8484


Member Fee:

  $35/first hr up to 25 swimmers

  $45/first hr 25-50 swimmers

$55/first hr 51-75 swimmers


Non Member Fee:

$45/first hr up to 25 swimmers

  $55/first hr 25-50 swimmers

$65/first hr 51-75 swimmers

Aquatics for Arthritis

This Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program is a water

exercise program for people with arthritis and related conditions.  It was developed jointly by the Arthritis Foundation and the YMCA of the USA and is currently supported by the Aquatics Exercise Association.  AFAP is designed to reduce fatigue, pain and stiffness, and improve mobility, muscle strength, and coordination.  The course will be led by instructor, Lindsey Beyer from the Coffey County Health Department.


Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Indoor Pool

February 2-March 7


Minimum of 5

$20 Members; $23 Non Members

Group Swim Lessons

Work on your swimming skills during the winter months! Lessons will be held in March to perfect skills and advance to the next level. Ages 3 years+. There will be a maximum of 6 students per level.


March 6-9


Levels 1-6

$15 Members; $20 Non-Members

Deadline: Monday, February 27


(Possibility of splitting classes if numbers increase.

If this happens, levels 1, 4 & 5 will go from 4-4:30pm and 2,3 & 6 from 4:35-5:05pm.)


Deep Water Aerobics

This is a Tuesday & Thursday class which will be led by Justin Logan. Join him in the pool for some deep water aerobics and to get a great water workout!


March 21st-April 25th

Tuesday & Thursdays


$20 Member; $23 Non Member; $2 Drop-In

Must have a minimum of 5 to hold this class.

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